Workshop 3: Proteomics

Computational Proteomics: From Mass Spectrometry to Protein Complexes


Organizers: Markus Mueller, SIB, Geneva [web]
Alexander Schmidt, Biozentrum, Basel [web]
Jacques Colinge, CeMM, Vienna [web]
Date: Sunday, 9 September 2012
Venue: Room "Samarkand"
Congress Center Basel, Messeplatz 21

Abstract: Mass spectrometry (MS) and proteomics have developed at an extraordinary pace over the last two decades to reach levels of sensitivity and diversity in their applications that make them fundamental tools of biomedical research. This spectacular development regularly augmented the quality, complexity, and also the quantity of generated data such that, overall, the field of computational proteomics has emerged as a very rich and broad branch of computational biology. In this workshop, we want to provide an overview of current research topics and applied methods as a mean to introduce beginners to the field and to provide a timely update to attendees with previous knowledge in computational proteomics.