What to do after ECCB?

Maybe you have some free time before or after ECCB'12, and are considering to explore Basel and the region? We have collected some ideas to help you planning your trips:



Basel: Culture umlimited


Basel is a European cultural centre: Almost 40 museums, some of world renown, such as the 'Fondation Beyeler' and the 'Kunstmuseum', the Basel Theatre staging plays, operas and ballet, as well as 25 further small theatres, a Musical theater, countless galleries, music stages of all sizes and over 40 cinema screens all contribute to a rich cultural life. The city ranks with the European élite in the fine arts, as is demonstrated by its hosting 'Art Basel', the world's leading contemporary art fair.


Here are some ideas for activities in and around Basel





The geography of Switzerland is notable for its great diversity, and means that the climate varies greatly from one region to another. Depending on the area and the time of year, Switzerland experiences conditions reminiscent both of Siberia and of the Mediterranean.


The culture of Switzerland is characterised by diversity, too. The Swiss sometimes wonder what keeps Switzerland together. The wide range of traditional customs is one reflection of this diversity. Even the major towns have their own distinctive character.


Here are some ideas for exploring the diversity of Switzerland.



The "Bioinformatics Hike"


On the two days following the ECCB'12 meeting in Basel (arrival evening of Sep 12th, hiking on Sep 13th-14th), a group of attendees is heading for a 2-day trip to experience Switzerland at its most original and enjoy stunning views. Feel free to join (privately) for this leisure trip.