ECCB'12 Sponsoring and Partnership

Opportunities for ECCB12

ECCB is the main European computational biology conference, gathering scientists from a broad range of disciplines. This event attracts more than 500 participants each year: leading bioinformatics researchers, computational biologists, bio-IT professionals, researchers in molecular biology, molecular medicine, biophysics, systems biology, as well as students from Europe and around the world.

The 11th European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB12) will be organised in association with the 10th [BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference by the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and the Biozentrum, University of Basel from 9th to 12th September 2012 at the Congress Centre in Basel, Switzerland.

ECCB provides unique opportunities for networking with key opinion leaders and decision makers in the field of computational life sciences, and offers sponsors and partners an ideal platform for demonstrating new software tools, services and technologies.

Meet the next generation of scientists: More than 500 motivated and skilled students from Europe and all over the world are expected – a great opportunity for meeting and recruiting the best talents in this highly competitive area. ECCB will support recruiting activities by providing logistical and infrastructure support (electronic job boards, meeting rooms, scheduling service).


Benefits for Sponsors and Partners

ECCB12 is a non-profit event, aiming to support the development of basic and applied research in the field of computational biology. A major goal is to enable participation by younger scientists early in their career, allowing them to discuss their research and to build their professional network. Organisation of ECCB12 is only possible with the help of sponsors and partners. The ECCB12 offers strategic opportunities to maximize visibility, reach leading scientists, showcase new products and services, and establish new strategic partnerships. All sponsors will be formally acknowledged in the conference programme and on the official website.


Summary of opportunities

Sponsors and partners have the possibility to link their support to one or several of the following options:


Platinum sponsor 15'000 CHF
Gold sponsor 10'000 CHF
Silver sponsor 7'500 CHF
Supporting sponsor from 1’000 CHF
Exclusive support for the “Science and Art” project 30'000 CHF
Exclusive support for the SIB young bioinformatician award 10'000 CHF
Exclusive support for the SIB best graduate paper award 5'000 CHF
Support for international student conference grants from 5'000 CHF
Support of a Conference Poster (1st) Prize 5'000 CHF
Support of a Conference Poster (2nd) Prize 2'500 CHF
Support of a Conference Poster (3rd) Prize 1'500 CHF


Industry exhibitions and presentation

On top of the sponsoring opportunities outlined above, the following packages are available:

  for profit non profit
Exhibition pack
2'950 CHF
1'900 CHF
Long Technology Track Presentation (45 min) 2'500 CHF 1'200 CHF
Short Technology Track Presentation (25 min) 1'200 CHF 500 CHF







All prizes are quoted in CHF excluding VAT. Please [contact us] for detailled information on sponsoring, partnership and exhibition opportunities and pricing for non-profit organizations.