ECCB'12 Highlight Presentations



  Three Dimensional Structures of Membrane Proteins from Genomic Sequencing. Debora Marks, Thomas Hopf, Lucy Colwell, Chris Sander and Robert Sheridan.
  The life history of 21 breast cancers. Peter Van Loo, David Wedge, Serena Nik-Zainal, Andrew Futreal, Michael Stratton, Peter Campbell and Breast Cancer Working Group Of The International Cancer Genome Consortium.
  Tissue-Specific Alternative Splicing Remodels Protein-Protein Interaction Networks. Jonathan Ellis, Miriam Barrios-Rodiles, Recep Colak, Manuel Irimia, Taehyung Kim, John Calarco, Xinchen Wang, Qun Pan, Dave O'Hanlon, Philip Kim, Jeffrey Wrana and Benjamin Blencowe.
  The multiple specificity landscape of peptide recognition domains. David Gfeller, Taehyung Kim, Mark S. Tyndel, Frank Butty, Marta Wierzbicka, Erik Verschueren, Peter Vanhee, Haiming Huang, Andreas Ernst, Nisa Dar, Igor Stagljar, Luis Serrano, Sachdev S. Sidhu, Gary D. Bader and Philip M Kim.
  The mRNA-Bound Proteome and Its Global Occupancy Profile on Protein-Coding Transcripts. Alexander Baltz, Mathias Munschauer, Bjoern Schwannhaeuser, Alexandra Vasile, Yasuhiro Murakawa, Markus Schueler, Noah Youngs, Duncan Penfold-Brown, Kevin Drew, Miha Milek, Emanuel Wyler, Richard Bonneau, Matthias Selbach, Christoph Dieterich and Markus Landthaler.
  Hierarchical Modularity and the Evolution of Genetic Interactomes across Species. Colm J Ryan, Assen Roguev, Kristin Patrick, Jiewei Xu, Harlizawati Jahari, Zongtian Tong, Pedro Beltrao, Michael Shales, Hong Qu, Sean Collins, Joseph I Kliegman, Lingli Jiang, Dwight Kuo, Elena Tosti, Hyun-Soo Kim, Winfried Edelmann, Michael-Christopher Keogh, Derek Greene, Pádraig Cunningham, Gerard Cagney, Chao Tang, Kevan M Shokat, Christine Guthrie, J Peter Svensson, Peter J Espenshade, Trey Ideker, and Nevan J Krogan.
  Viral-host coevolution: Playing 'seek and hide'. Nadav Rappoprt and Michal Linial.
  Persistence and Availability of Computational Web Resources. Sebastian J. Schultheiss, Marc-Christian Muench, Gergana Andreeva and Gunnar Raetsch.

Modelling muscle energy transfer and whole body heat transport during a mountain time trial in the Tour de France. Johannes van Beek, Farahaniza Supandi, Thomas Binsl, Anand Gavai, Albert de Graaf and Hannes Hettling.

  Detection of allosteric signal transmission by information-theoretic analysis of protein dynamics.  Alessandro Pandini, Arianna Fornili, Franca Fraternali and Jens Kleinjung.
  Modulation of ion binding affinity regulates C-type inactivation in K+ channels.
Céline Boiteux, Wojciech Wojtas-Niziurski, and Simon Bernèche.